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Welcome to Educational Anthropolicy

This site is still under construction.

On the production of Supplemental Educational Services (SES)

To see the ways in which Herve Varenne is extending, presenting and “playing” with my work on NCLB’s Supplemental Educational Services. There you’ll even find an emerging comic strip based on the work of Ray McDermott, Herve Varenne, and Jill Koyama!  It’s entitled, “The School America Builds.” Here’s my article in Anthropology and Education Quarterly [...]

Actor-Network Theory and Policy Study

An article in which I’ve utilized Actor-Network Theory (ANT): Koyama.2011. Journal of Education Policy ACTOR-NETWORK THEORY I draw upon actor-network theory (Latour, 1995, 2005) to examine the dynamic work and the relational links set in motion by the appropriation—commonly referred to as the formation and implementation—of educational policy and “to grasp the interactions (and disjunctions) between [...]